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Your Email as SMS Messages - eTextMail Robot will Text important emails to your cell phones. For Nigeria.

eTextMail is a revolutional new email service for Nigeria, which converts copies of your emails into plain and safe Text messages (SMS) and sends them to your cell phone. eTextMail lets you instantly receive copies of your emails as safe and plain Text messages (SMS) on your mobile phone.  No Internet connection needed.  You can even get all your emails as Text messages, so that you will not need frequent access to a computer or Internet cafe to keep up with your emails. The original copies of your emails will remain in your inbox.

Feature Highlights

Free Email Address

  • After you sign up, you will immediately get a free email address, your, which comes with a powerful WebMail that is similar to Microsoft Outlook.
  • You can get your emails as Text messages (SMS) in two ways:

    1. You can simply use your email address as a regular email address, where people from all of the world can send you emails and you will recieve them on your cell phone.

    2. And you can recieve your existing Gmail, Hotmail, or any other emails as Text messages. Gmail and Hotmail emails can also be forwarded to eTextMail so that you can get them as Text messages. Please visit FAQ for details.
  • Our eTextMail Robot will deliver copies of emails sent to your as Text messages to your cell phones.

Define Filters

  • You specify (filter) the emails which you wish to receive as Text messages and which emails to exclude.
  • eTextMail allows you to define Email-to-SMS filters including: Priority, Subject, From, Body content and more.
  • You can set up as many Email-to-SMS filters as you need, to forward Text messages to any number of cell phones.
  • One filter for emails from your manager when you're out of the office, one for customer orders to forward Text messages to your special sales cell phone number, one for a job interview response, even one for your spouse etc.
  • You can set up as many cell phone numbers as you need for your Text message delivery.

Set Number of SMS Messages per Email

  • You have full control over the number of Text messages you want to use per email.
  • You can choose to receive 1, 2, 3, or more SMS messages per email. Or, you can choose to receive your entire email as plain Text messages, no matter how long.
  • The plain Text messages will include the sender, subject and the body of your email. Email attachements are not included.

Define Scheduling

  • You can specify a flexible schedule to have emails delivered as Text messages only when you want them.
  • Our eTextMail Robot will send you Text messages when those important emails arrive within your specified schedule.

Apply Smart Text Reduction™

  • Our unique Smart Text Reduction™ technology saves you money by compressing your Text messages to squeeze in more data into Text messages.
  • This function eliminates blank spaces, eliminates repetition, and abreviates words.  It can reduce the number of characters necessary to display your Text messages by 20-30%. 
  • For example, “I will see you on Wednesday.” becomes “I’llSeeYouOnWed.”

Instant Delivery Status Report

  • Our premium SMS gateway sends out all Text messages instantly.
  • Text message status reports are logged, which provides you with realtime SMS credit usage.

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